Time System

The current year as of Galebound's first book is 1120 AV—Anno Ventus, years since the inception of the Gale (in its current incarnation).

The Dusk uses nonary for most counting, including timekeeping. More info on nonary (base-9) here. Numbers on this page are written first in decimal (base 10) and then in nonary.

Dusk has a twenty-seven hour day (30 in nonary), traditionally divided into thirds: nine hours of morning, nine hours of midday, and nine hours of evening evening (10 each in nonary). As the world is tidally-locked, denizens of the Dusk never see a true night. However, there is a daily eclipse which signals the start of a new day. The period of the eclipse, known as the Dark Hour, takes up the first hour of the morning.

The Dark Hour eclipse is not caused by a moon (this planet has no moon), but by the transit of the much-larger second planet in the star system.

Astronomically speaking, the day is as long as a year, but this makes for unwieldy timekeeping. The year is divided into 243 days (300) and nine cycles (10). The concept of a "year" originated in Iridesa, codified by the Saint Anges in the year 346AV. Years are based (loosely) on the gestational period of a human as it was understood in Anges's time and cycles are based on the average menstruation cycle.


Agnesian Cycles

All months are 27 days. There are three weeks in a month and nine days to a week.

  • Unmen
  • Secunmen
  • Tremen
  • Quarmen
  • Cinqmen
  • Sismen
  • Sepmen
  • Ocmen
  • Nonmen

Days of the week

  • Undin
  • Secundin
  • Tredin
  • Quardin
  • Cinqdin
  • Sisdin
  • Septin
  • Octin
  • Nondin

Agnesian Cycle Calendar

As all cycles have the same number of days, this calendar format applies to them all. The 23rd day of a month will always fall on Tredin.

Week One 1st-Undin 2nd-Secundin 3rd-Tredin 4th-Quardrin 5th-Cinqdin 6th-Sisdin 7th-Septin 8th-Octin 10th-Nondin
Week Two 11th-Undin 12th-Secundin 13th-Tredin 14th-Quardrin 15th-Cinqdin 16th-Sisdin 17th-Septin 18th-Octin 20th-Nondin
Week Three 21st-Undin 22nd-Secundin 23rd-Tredin 24th-Quardrin 25th-Cinqdin 26th-Sisdin 27th-Septin 28th-Octin 30th-Nondin


A timeline of events mentioned or at least strongly referenced in canon.

Not everything has an exact date, but if more than one thing happened in a year/cycle/day it’s more-or-less listed chronologically.

  • 27PV - Alain Duvent born
  • 26PV - Éduin Aster born to Queen Oriana of Ivelia
  • 0AV - The Second Gale forms
  • 6AV - Cymaria founded west of old Ivelia
  • 127AV - Evenheim founded by Evangeline Aster Renaud, great-granddaughter of Éduin Aster
  • 346AV - Saint Agnes codifies the calendar and timekeeping system
  • 402AV - The Magician Arcein born
  • 437AV - Idione Glafoncé killed as the first casualty of the War of the Blind Kings
  • 440AV - Arcein’s Ignorance first created
  • 452AV - Iridesa’s castle said to be haunted by the late queen
  • 460AV - The Magician Owain ends the battle of Orden by igniting the battlefield without harming any living combatants
  • 488AV - The War of the Blind Kings ends with the execution of the last (known) surviving Blind King, Damon Martyn Vespas, by his son Jaffre Martyn Vespas
  • 500AV - Owain passes away and is posthumously named a saint
  • 1036AV - A Magician’s guild forms in Iridesa
  • 1073AV - The Iridesan Magician's Guild falls after the murder of its guildmaster.
  • 1077AV - King Matthias Evenheim dies
  • 1107AV - "The Regicide" begins assassinating Nobles
  • 1110AV - First rumors of "The Shadowlord" pop up
  • 1113AV - The "Vespas Incident"
  • 1115AV - Élise Shaw of Evenheim murdered by the Regicide. Her son Richmond takes her place on the empty throne on Evenheim's council.
  • 1116AV - Lorence Mercier of Duskbridge murdered by the Regicide. His Court Magicians vanish