The Magician - 025

21 Sep 2016 11:00 am
Three guesses as to what's NOT gonna happen in the morning.
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From the Author
Respheal 19 Sep 2016 11:10 am
That feeling when you wanna fight but the person you're fighting with agrees with you.

Thanks for reading and see you next week!
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Inkdragon 22 Sep 2016 07:51 pm
Aaaaw, look at the Mister Grumpy Pants! He needs a hug...

I'm thinking things won't go as well as Conan is hoping, and Din will get even more agitated. There should be a running bet as to how many pages it takes to see Din actually smile again. XD

Lovely page!
Respheal 22 Sep 2016 08:08 pm
@Inkdragon: YEEEAAAH it actually kinda bugs me a little. Din was less grumpy in the original drafts :C I say the running bet should be how many pages before they start throwing punches.

And pff, if things went according to plan it wouldn't be much of a story now would it :D