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For a Price - Speak My Name Upon the Wind, Part II

Respheal June 5th, 2019, 10:50 am

Hover Text: birb

Alright, put the pitchforks down. This week's guest post is part two of Jo Michelle's Speak My Name Upon the Wind!

eBook format: Link!
Google Docs: Link!

I really like how this one ended ;w; There's a very satisfying moment towards the end, and the actual end make me cry in a good way. Make sure you read part one in last week's post, and definitely read Voiceless first. Hope you guys enjoy!

Also, the Comic Tea Party discussion for Galebound is going on right now! It'll continue until Sunday, so please feel free to hop in and join the discussion any time you like :3 The discussion is taking place on Discord over here: