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Another side, another story.
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For a Price - 117

Respheal August 15th, 2018, 10:50 am

Hover Text: Another side, another story.

Hey guys, welcome back! :D

Startin' off chapter five perhaps a little slower, but...well, considering what all went down last chapter, that might not be a bad thing :')

During the break I rearranged the website a smidge, adding more links onto the menu via dropdowns. If you're a new reader or want a quick summary to get caught back up, The Story so Far is now a thing, amoung other links.

Also during the break I set up a Discord server for Galebound, which you can find here:
A few readers have already joined and it's been great fun! :D It's mostly been shootin' the breeze, what with the hiatus, but there's also been some good theories and commentary in there >:3

Lastly, thanks to the break, supporters through Ko-fi or Patreon can currently get the next week's page early as well as access to some secret channels on Discord and bonus content as I'm able to upload it ^^ Please consider checking it out!

Thanks for reading and see you next week!