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Pascal used Swagger! Conan is confused!
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The Dark Hour - 054

Respheal April 5th, 2017, 11:00 am

Hover Text: Pascal used Swagger! Conan is confused!

Hey guys, hope you've been enjoying Galebound so far!

With chapter two closing out, I wanted to update you on the release schedule for chapter three, "Snake Charmers". I'm going to continue the trend of having a week break between chapters; truth be told, I've been flyin' without a buffer for some time now so it'll be nice to get ahead again owo'

So here's how the staggered release dates for chapter three works out:

4/12 - Chapter 3 early access for Patrons on (using the Log In With Patreon button). Also guest art!
4/19 - Chapter 3 starts publicly on (SJ) and (CF). Maybe more guest art?
4/26 - Chapter 3 starts on Tapastic

tl;dr Patrons are gonna be one week ahead and Tapastic is gonna be one week behind.

I'm pretty excited to get chapter three started ^^ Might be a bit slower, but it's time we delve into a little backstory and contemplate what the heck just happened during the dark hour. In the meantime, if you guys have any questions for me or the characters, let me know! :D

Thanks for reading and Gale speed <3