About the Comic

Galebound is a gaslamp fantasy about a vindictive Magician who kidnaps a stablehand with the ability to command Magicians against their will in a plot to overthrow a kingdom. Much to their mutual chagrin, they'll need to work together to defy the curse, their geasa, and the rules of the wind-borne magic that bind them both.

This comic will contain mild language, some fantasy violence, implications of adult themes, and a mermaid-like being who generally disregards clothing.

Updates Wednesdays at 12:00pm EST.

Support Links

The Dusk Appendix



Respheal AKA Madeleine Ethridge

Comic creator, Linux/cPanel system administrator, amateur programmer, cat owner, and gamer. Definitely a nerd. I consider myself a writer first and artist second and hope to continue bringing you guys more stories well into the future.

Thumbnails/Moral Support

Bardist AKA Mike Ethridge

Res's husband and support. Somewhere between an artist and a musician. Does page thumbnails when Res is short on time/ideas and keeps her shenanigans to a minimum.